Bee Buddy Trail

Bees love lavender because it’s nectar is so sweet, and we love our bees because of the sustainable and organic products we can make. Our bee inspiration products celebrate all the hard work that the bees do on the field. However, we want to do more. That’s why we have launched the Bee Buddies Trail.

Across the lavender field there are 13 signs containing bee facts, jokes and activities. On each sign there is also a letter. So, like bees collect pollen to make honey, we want you to collect letters from each of the signs to unlock the hidden word. Use the activity sheet to help you navigate the field and store the letters. Once you have decoded the secret word, bring your sheet down to the shop to collect your reward.

Become a Bee Buddy today and join the trail! Ask in the shop for an activity sheet and let the adventure begin.



In what period were honey bees first around? Dinosaur time
2. How long does a honey bee live? 6 weeks. But a queen bee can live for 3-4 years.
3. How much honey does a bee make in its lifetime? 10th/teaspoon
4. What is a male bee called? A drone
5. All worker honey bees are female!
6. What do bees eat? Nectar
7. Roughly, how many bees feed in the lavender fields? Around 2.5 million from our hives and the local area
8. Bees have 5 eyes and six legs and 2 sets of wings, can you try and draw it?
9. An average colony has around 60.000 bees
10. 1/3 of our diet relies on honey bees
11. A bee isn’t born know how to make honey, she is taught by older bees
12. Honey bees never sleep
13. A queen bee can choose to lay a male or female bee
14. Bees dance to let each other know whether the best nectar/pollen is nearby
15. Lavender is one of the top 5 favourite food of honey bees, alongside sunflowers and dandelions.
16. Honey bees are smaller and thinner than cousins the bumble bee, which is fatter and fuzzier.
17. Honey bees numbers are in sharp decline due to global warming, pesticides and monoculture.
18. Bees fly at a speed of around 25km/hour, buzz buzz. They are sure to keep under the speed limit!
19. Bees colonies make honey in bee hives and hollow trees.
20. What’s a bee’s favourite spice girl song? Wannabee
21. What’s a bees favourite sport? Rugbee
22. Honey bees can only sting once before dying.
23. Honey bees make honey to store food during the winter month.
24. Local honey helps to lessen the symptoms of allergies such as hay fever.
25. What do bees chew? Bumble gum
26. What do bees do when their friend moves into a new hive, a house swarming party.
27. A swarm of honey bees is when a colony is replacing an old queen bee with a new
28. How is a queen bee picked? She is chosen by the colony and she is fed very special royal jelly.
29. What does a bee do when it needs to get somewhere quickly? It makes a bee line
30. Tips of a bee antenna have more than 300 taste sensors!

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