2023-10-13T10:43:21+01:0018 May 2022|

Long lasting and fragrant, our delicate Lavender and exotic Oud Eau de Toilettes are suitable for women and men and made with Mayfield’s pure lavender oils.


2023-02-01T14:52:19+00:0018 March 2022|

Visit our beautiful organic lavender farm, a short trip from London, and capture those special moments and stunning scenery with family and friends.


2023-10-09T11:20:44+01:0018 March 2022|

Book a delicious ‘Mayfield Afternoon Tea for 2’ Experience at our beautiful Glasshouse Cafe in Epsom. Served at 2:30pm Monday to Sunday.

Lavender Gifts

2024-01-17T16:22:23+00:0018 March 2022|

Choose something special from our wide selection of lavender inspired gifts ideas including skincare, toiletries and homeware.

Food & Drink

2023-10-13T10:41:24+01:0018 March 2022|

Try our delicious Teas, Biscuits and Chocolates, Chutneys and Jams all made with lavender flowers grown at Mayfield’s Lavender Farm.

Sleep & Relaxation

2023-10-13T10:42:34+01:0018 March 2022|

A range of lavender products made with Mayfield’s pure lavender oils and dried flowers to keep you calm, relaxed and aid restful sleep.


2023-10-13T10:45:11+01:0018 March 2022|

Bring the calming fragrance of an English Summer to your home with our beautiful lavender scented products made with Mayfield’s pure Lavender oils and flowers.

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