2023-01-31T17:02:26+00:0018 May 2022|

Long lasting and fragrant, our delicate Lavender and exotic Oud Eau de Toilettes are suitable for women and men and made with Mayfield’s certified organic lavender oils.


2023-02-01T14:52:19+00:0018 March 2022|

Visit our beautiful organic lavender farm, a short trip from London, and capture those special moments and stunning scenery with family and friends.


2023-04-19T16:21:40+01:0018 March 2022|

Experiences now available at Mayfield Glasshouse in Epsom and at the Lavender field from June.

Gift Sets

2023-02-03T14:35:21+00:0018 March 2022|

Choose something special from our wide selection of lavender and non-lavender gifts ideas including skincare, toiletries, candles and diffusers.

Food & Drink

2023-01-30T14:02:47+00:0018 March 2022|

Try our delicious Teas, Biscuits and Chocolates, Chutneys and Jams all made with our certified organic lavender flowers grown at Mayfield Farm.

Sleep & Relaxation

2023-01-31T16:52:26+00:0018 March 2022|

A range of lavender products made with certified organic oils and dried flowers to keep you calm, relaxed and aid restful sleep.


2023-01-31T16:26:47+00:0018 March 2022|

Bring the calming fragrance of an English Summer to your home with our beautiful lavender scented products made with certified organic oils grown at Mayfield Lavender Farm just outside London.

Bath & Body

2023-01-31T16:40:35+00:009 March 2022|

Our soothing and gentle lavender bath & body toiletries are free from SLS and parabens and made with certified organic oils grown at Mayfield Lavender Farm.

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