Are there many bees?

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We have many honey bees on our farm as they love lavender.  These bees are busy collecting nectar to make honey and are not aggressive.  Honey bees do not want to sting because if they do sting someone then they die.
However sometimes a bee may become entangled in clothes or hair and become panicked.  In this case it may sting in self defence.  We advise people that are concerned about the potential to be stung not to wear floaty clothes in which a bee may become entangled and if possible to also avoid exposed bare skin when walking through the lavender. Some people are allergic to bee stings and may have a reaction. In this  rare case it will be necessary to phone for an ambulance..
If you are concerned or think you may be allergic to bee stings than you should seek medical advice before visiting our farm so that you can independently assess the risk.

Is the farm accessible for disabled visitors?

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Our farm has disabled parking close to the entrance (adjacent to the Shop and Café). The ground is reasonably level although there is a coarse covering of gravel on the road surface for cars which is normally manageable with some care. There is also a light covering of pea shingle in the shop area (outdoor) to assist drainage when wet and this is also manageable normally but care is also required as the ground is not totally level. There are no steps to negotiate but there are some short sloping sections to consider.

The surface of the cafe area is short grass.

There is a track around the perimeter of the farm and there is a footpath through the centre of the lavender with a grassed surface.

As the lavender has grown to a large size it does not allow easy wheelchair access between the rows but the cafe is immediately adjacent to the lavender so it is still possible to have a lovely view from there.

In general it is best to consider that it is basically a field that we open seasonally so while we do the best we can to make it accessible, care will be needed as the terrain varies.

Can I pick the lavender?

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While we encourage people to walk around freely between the rows of lavender we do not permit visitors to pick or cut the lavender so that the lavender remains beautiful for everyone to enjoy. We sell bunches of freshly cut lavender from our shop for those who wish to take a bunch of lavender home.

Is there somewhere to park?

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Parking is FREE to visitors who have paid the Entrance Fee of £5. Our car park has limited capacity so when it is full we must stop cars from entering. Weekends in July are the busiest time to visit. There can be 5 to 6 times as many people visiting on a weekend than during the week. Unfortunately, there is no local overflow parking available except for the occasional opportunity to use a local club car park when this is not being used for events. If this overflow facility is available then cars will be directed there (There may be an independent charge for parking there). If it is not available then drivers may have to return later when the volume of cars has reduced. Some local business people have also been offering their land for parking at a charge. They operate independently from us. 5.30pm is the last entry time for visitors to our farm and the gate to our farm is locked at 7pm so all cars must have been removed by then to avoid being locked in.

What is the difference between Mayfield Lavender Farm and Mayfield Lavender Nursery and Gift Shop?

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Our farm in Banstead is where we grow 25 acres of our lavender crop for organic oil and is open to the public from June 10 to August 20 to experience the loveliness of a sea of lavender! It also has a shop and al fresco café.

Our Nursery and Gift Shop in Epsom is 12 acres of lavender, fruit trees and glasshouses together with our permanent shop and cafe that is open all year round. From here we sell a range of plants, garden accessories and lavender products including toiletries, sachets and culinary treats.

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