Parking is FREE to visitors who have paid the Entrance Fee of £5. Our car park has limited capacity so when it is full we must stop cars from entering. Weekends in July are the busiest time to visit. There can be 5 to 6 times as many people visiting on a weekend than during the week. Unfortunately, there is no local overflow parking available except for the occasional opportunity to use a local club car park when this is not being used for events. If this overflow facility is available then cars will be directed there (There may be an independent charge for parking there). If it is not available then drivers may have to return later when the volume of cars has reduced. Some local business people have also been offering their land for parking at a charge. They operate independently from us. 5.30pm is the last entry time for visitors to our farm and the gate to our farm is locked at 7pm so all cars must have been removed by then to avoid being locked in.