Our farm has disabled parking close to the entrance (adjacent to the Shop and Café). The ground is reasonably level although there is a coarse covering of gravel on the road surface for cars which is normally manageable with some care. There is also a light covering of pea shingle in the shop area (outdoor) to assist drainage when wet and this is also manageable normally but care is also required as the ground is not totally level. There are no steps to negotiate but there are some short sloping sections to consider.

The surface of the cafe area is short grass.

There is a track around the perimeter of the farm and there is a footpath through the centre of the lavender with a grassed surface.

As the lavender has grown to a large size it does not allow easy wheelchair access between the rows but the cafe is immediately adjacent to the lavender so it is still possible to have a lovely view from there.

In general it is best to consider that it is basically a field that we open seasonally so while we do the best we can to make it accessible, care will be needed as the terrain varies.